What Does HDMI Port on a Computer Stand For?

by Chappy Sinclair

Having an HDMI port means you can output your video signal to any device with HDMI support. HDMI ports are most common on more modern video cards and computer monitors.


HDMI is short for High-Definition Multimedia Interface.


HDMI is used on high-definition devices. such as LCD computer monitors, HDTVs and next-generation video game devices.


Using HDMI will give you a crystal-clear display and take full advantage of your computer hardware and monitor.


Not all computer monitors support HDMI. Most support DVI (a small step down from HDMI). There are some converter options available if you really want HDMI; however, they are usually not comparable visually to a device with full HDMI support.


Using HDMI and a high-resolution computer monitor requires that you have a system powerful enough to support it during intensive applications, such as gaming or movie watching.


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