How to Hard Reset an LG800G When It Won't Turn On

by Dan Stone
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An LG800G phone that refuses to turn on might be recoverable if you can kickstart the device and perform a hard reset. Hard resets, also known as factory resets, are a last-ditch effort method of recovering a cellular phone that's in a non-functioning or problematic operational state. The LG800G must be turned on in order to activate the hard reset command; removing as many things that could be stopping the phone from powering on may help return the phone to a state where you can reset it.

Step 1

Slide the back case of the LG800G off by pressing on the lip around the camera and pushing toward the bottom of the phone until the cover becomes unhinged and you can lift it off.

Step 2

Remove the battery by prying it out from the bottom edge to expose the SIM card slot and the microSD card slot.

Step 3

SIM cards hold phone registration data.

Slide the SIM out from the phone's SIM slot, remove the microSD card if one is installed, reinsert the battery, and then slide the back cover back into place.

Step 4

Plug the USB charger into the phone and connect the charger to an active power outlet.

Step 5

Press and hold the power on button for about 30 seconds to a minute to force a battery restart. If the phone turns on and works correctly at this point, skip to Step 12.

Step 6

Press the "Menu" icon in the lower right cover of the main screen once the phone has loaded.

Step 7

Touch "Settings," tap the "Phone" option, and then select the "Reset Settings" option.

Step 8

Select "Master Reset" from the reset options list.

Step 9

Press the "Yes" option when the phone prompts you with the reminder "All Settings will be reset."

Step 10

Enter your 4-digit security code, and then press "OK." If you never set a security code, the phone's default is either "0000" or "1234".

Step 11

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the factory reset process.

Step 12

Power the phone down once the phone has completed the reset process.

Step 13

Slide the back cover off the device again and remove the battery.

Step 14

Reinsert the SIM card and reinstall the microSD card if you previously had one installed.

Slide the back cover back onto the phone, and then turn the phone on.


  • A hard reset erases all data stored on the phone.


  • The phone may have a power issue if it does not display a charging message when plugged in to the charger and powered down or refuses to turn on even after you've removed the microSD card and SIM card. If the phone has a power or charging issue, it needs a hardware repair that will likely cost more than replacing the phone.


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