How to Hard Reset an Inspiron One 19

by Randall Blackburn
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The Dell Inspiron One 19 series is an all-in-one desktop system with an 18.5-inch monitor screen, media card reader and built-in webcam. The term “hard reset" generally refers to powering a smartphone or mobile device completely down, removing and reinserting the battery and powering the device back up. The hard reset stops any service or application that is causing issues on the device. Because the Dell Inspiron One 19 is a desktop computer and not considered a mobile device, you can only reset the machine by restoring the Windows 7 operating system and all software to original factory settings.

Step 1

Remove any peripheral devices from the computer. Disconnect the printer, scanner, flash drives, external hard drives or any other external devices connected to the machine.

Step 2

Power down the computer.

Step 3

Power on the computer and quickly press the “F8" key before the Windows logo displays during bootup. The Advanced Boot Options screen displays.

Step 4

Press the down arrow key until the “Repair Your Computer” option is highlighted. Press the “Enter” key.

Step 5

Click the desired language, and then click “Next.” The login prompt appears.

Step 6

Log in with an administrator’s account user ID and password and then click “OK.”

Step 7

Click the “Dell Factory Image Restore” option and then click the “Next” button.

Step 8

Check the “Yes, Reformat Hard Drive and Restore System Software” option. Click the “Next” button. The computer hard drive is reformatted and the original software is reinstalled. A notification appears when the restoration process has finished.

Click the “Finish” button. The computer is reset and restored.


  • Before performing a factory restore on the Dell Inspiron One 19, back up all documents and critical data. The restoration process erases all data and returns the computer to the factory default state. You will also need to reinstall all applications that are not installed by default.


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