What Happens When You Put Your iPhone on Do Not Disturb Mode?

By Scott Cornell

DND mode was introduced to the iPhone on the iOS6 platform.
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When Apple's iOS6 platform was launched in September 2012, it included over 200 changes to the system. One of the bigger features introduced was "Do Not Disturb," or DND, mode. In a world that's becoming increasingly centered on mobile technology, DND mode is Apple's way of letting people unplug, to a certain extent, so that they can focus on certain activities during set time periods without being distracted by incoming calls or text messages.

About DND

When DND mode is activated, the iPhone screen will remain dark and the phone will remain silent, absent from vibrations or ringtones. The user will still receive calls and texts, as well as other notifications, but won't be able to see them until DND mode is deactivated. It's signified by a half moon icon, which appears at the top of the iPhone's lock screen. DND mode is activated in "Settings."


While DND mode holds phone calls and text messages when activated, there are some exceptions. For instance, users can create a custom contact list or select their favorites list, and incoming calls from any contacts on such lists will still be pushed through. Also, users can activate a setting that pushes through calls if one particular number, despite not appearing on any pre-set lists, sends a call twice within a three-minute time period. This helps provide peace of mind to the iPhone user, knowing that DND mode can be set while still letting through calls that may be in case of an emergency.


One neat thing about the iPhone's DND mode is that you can schedule it to take effect during certain periods of the day. For instance, if you want to implement DND mode while you're sleeping from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., you can schedule it on the phone. If you want an hour of uninterrupted time each night as you eat dinner with your family, that can be scheduled as well. DND mode can also manually be toggled on and off.


DND mode can still allow alarm clocks to sound when implemented, but if so, only the alarm clock that is pre-installed on your iPhone will work. If you have any other apps that you use for an alarm clock, make sure that you're not using them simultaneously with DND mode.