What Happens When My Kindle Is Full?

By Andrew McClain

Even if it takes a long time, you can actually fill your Kindle.
i Ethan Miller/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Amazon's Kindle book reader lets you carry around thousands of books. Even though that seems like a lot of books, there are limits to what the Kindle can hold. The current version of the Kindle has 4 GB of memory, of which you can use 3 GB for content, which is approximately 3,500 books. So, while it may take awhile to do so, you can fill your Kindle to capacity.

Maxing Out

Your Kindle does not automatically show how much space it has left. To see your remaining capacity, press the "Menu" button. As the menu opens, the top-right corner of the screen shows how many megabytes you have remaining. If you use all of your Kindle's memory and purchase a new book, the book will not download automatically. Instead, a warning prompt tells you to delete content from your Kindle before your new book can download to the device.

Organizing Your Titles

Your Kindle's home page lists your downloaded books. When you purchase a new book from Amazon, it appears at the top of the list. After you open a book to read it, the Kindle moves it to the top of the list. If you need to remove content from your Kindle, press the "Next Page" button from the menu if you want to remove books you've had for awhile. Don't worry about deleting titles. Even if you remove them from the device, you still have rights to them and download them again later.


To remove a book you already read (or one you don't plan on reading) from your Kindle: Press the "Home" button. This opens the Home page. Use the four-direction and "Next Page" buttons to locate the title. Press the four-direction button to the left. The book title grays out and a "Remove From Device" button appears immediately below the title. Press the four-direction button down. This removes the book from your Kindle.

Book Archive

In addition to the book stored on your device, Amazon maintains a record of every e-book you purchase. This means you will never lose any content you purchased for your Kindle. To access this content, go to the Manage Your Kindle page and find the "Your Orders" section. Next to each book you've ordered there's a "Deliver To" drop-down menu. Use this drop-down to send a book to one of your registered Kindle devices.