What Happens When You Go Over Your AT&T Minutes?

by Kimberly Turtenwald

AT&T provides cell phone users with many different plans that offer varying amounts of included minutes. Some users end up not using all of their minutes in a given month, while others notoriously use more minutes than their plans allow. With AT&T, one of several things can happen when you go over your monthly allotted minutes.

Rollover Minutes

AT&T; is known for its use of rollover minutes with all of its plans. Each time the end of your plan month comes around, the number of minutes for your plan that were unused for that month are added to your rollover minutes. If you go over your plan minutes in any month, AT&T; draws from your rollover minutes rather than charging overage fees. As long as you have minutes in your rollover account, you will not be charged. However, minutes earned expire 12 months from the date they were added. The account draws from the oldest minutes first.

Overage Charges

If your plan does not have any available rollover minutes banked, you will be charged overage fees from AT&T; if you go over your set plan minutes. The rate at which you are charged varies depending on the type of plan you have. For instance, a family plan with 700 minutes charges users 45 cents for each minute of overage. These minutes are only charged after any usable rollover minutes have been used. Log into your account to check your individual rate.


Whenever you call someone else that has an AT&T; phone, or receive a call from another AT&T; phone, you are not charged minutes. Therefore, if you are over your minutes for your plan month, you are still able to call others who have AT&T; plans without incurring overage charges. According to AT&T;, as of 2011, more than 85 million people use AT&T; for their cell phone service. This gives you a lot of options for who you can call for free, even when you are over your minutes.

A-List Calling

AT&T; offers a feature for its higher-end plans called the "A-List." This feature allows you to choose up to five numbers from any carrier, including landlines, for an individual plan, or up to 10 numbers from any carrier for a family plan. Any number that is on your A-List can be called free of charge, without using your minutes. Therefore, just like the mobile-to-mobile calls, you can call your A-list members for free, even if you are over your minutes for the month. This allows you to add an additional five to 10 people, depending on which type of plan you have, to your free calling list to avoid overage charges.

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