What Happens to My Email If I Cancel Comcast Internet?

by Todd Bowerman

When you open a new Internet account with Comcast as your service provider, you are given an “@Comcast.net” email address to use for your electronic communication. Because Comcast does not offer a standalone email service, the email account you are given when you sign up exists only as long as your Internet account remains active. Canceling your account does mean that your email account will be deactivated, but there are solutions for keeping your information after closure.

Exporting Your Comcast Contacts

Step 1

Log in to your Comcast email account.

Step 2

Click the "Address Book" tab and select "Export All."

Step 3

Choose "Microsoft Outlook (CSV file) in the "Export To" menu and click "Export."

Save the file to your Desktop for easy access.

Import to Outlook

Step 1

Open Microsoft Outlook and click "File," then "Open," then "Import."

Step 2

Select "Import from another program or file," then "Next."

Step 3

Select "Outlook Data File(.pst)." Click "Next" again, then click the "Browse" button.

Choose the file you just saved to the desktop and click "Import" to bring all of your Comcast contacts into Outlook.


  • Once your contacts are saved in Outlook, you can easily export them to other formats for use with a variety of email providers.
  • Exporting your contacts will not back up your messages. If you have any mails you would like to save after closing your Comcast account, you must manually forward them to your new email address.


  • If you do not back up your contacts by exporting the data, you will lose the information when you close your Comcast account.

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