What Happens When a Cell Number Is Blocked?

By Kristen Hamlin

You can block numbers from being able to call your cell phone, and block your number from showing up on caller ID.
i cell phone image by Alexey Klementiev from Fotolia.com

Blocking certain phone numbers is sometimes necessary for privacy, security or other reasons. You might want to block a number from calling you, block your number from appearing on others' caller ID, or block calls from being made to a number.

How to Block a Number

The procedure for blocking a phone number from your cell phone varies by carrier. Some allow you to block numbers by contacting customer service or using online account management. Some carriers require a subscription to a service that allows you to block numbers.

When a Number is Blocked

If someone has blocked your number, calls to them will not go through. Depending on the recipient's cell phone carrier, you'll hear a message indicating that the customer has blocked you, or simply that the call cannot be completed. If outgoing calls to a number have been blocked, you will not be able to complete the call.

Caller ID Blocking

If you opt to restrict your number from being seen on caller ID any time you make a call, your number will show up as "Restricted" or "Unknown" on the call recipient's phone. The procedure and charge for this service varies by carrier.