My Hamachi VPN Is Slow (4 Steps)

By Joshua Phillips

LogMeIn Hamachi is a virtual private network designed to simulate local area networks (LANs). Hamachi is primarily used by gamers to create a virtual LAN allowing them to play older PC games across the Internet. A common complaint is that your Hamachi may run slow, resulting in a delayed connection that could greatly impact your games. There are a few troubleshooting techniques you can use to speed up your Hamachi connection.

Step 1

Close any programs that are using up bandwidth, such as file-sharing programs, any current downloads and any video or audio Internet programs.

Step 2

Close all antivirus software for the duration of your Hamachi use. Re-enable your antivirus software when you are finished with Hamachi.

Step 3

Verify that your firewall is allowing Hamachi access and the proper ports are being forwarded. Consult the manual for your firewall, as every firewall is different.

Step 4

Contact your ISP about upgrading your Internet connection. Your Internet connection may not be strong enough to support Hamachi at optimal speed, and Hamachi is only as fast as your connection.