How to Hack a PUK Code

By Michelle Carvo

Updated October 09, 2017

If your phone has recently become SIM card blocked then you may think that you need to hack the PUK code to get it working again. This is not necessary. Your phone service provide can give you your PUK code.

PUK Code Basics

SIM cards can be configured to use a PIN number that protects data on the SIM card from being accessed by others. Your SIM card becomes blocked after the incorrect PIN number is entered multiple times on your phone. You can unblock your SIM card by entering the Personal Unblocking Key, or PUK code. Once your SIM card is blocked multiple times you may lose all data on the SIM card, effectively rendering your device useless.

PUK codes can’t be hacked as they are unique to to your SIM card and must be obtained from your cell phone service provider. Third-party apps which claim to allow you to generate or hack a PUK number often do not work for this reason.

Obtaining PUK Code

You can obtain a PUK code from virtually every cell phone service provider for free. Follow these steps for getting the PUK code from the major providers:

  • Verizon Wireless. You can get the PUK code for your Verizon device by either calling Verizon or using Verizon’s online tool. Log into your Verizon account and then click “My Devices” followed by clicking the “My PIN and Unblocking Key (PUK)” link under About My Device. Verizon displays your default PIN and PUK for your device in a pop-up window.
  • AT&T. Your PUK code can be obtained from AT&T by using AT&T’s online PUK tool. Log into your AT&T account and click “My Wireless” and then select your locked device under My Devices & Features. Click “Get your PIN unlock key (PUK)” and then wait for AT&T to locate and display your PUK code.
  • Sprint. Your PUK code can be obtained from Sprint by calling Sprint’s support number or by using Sprint’s online PUK tool. Log into your Sprint account and click the “Get MY PIN1/PUK1 Unlock Code” and then wait for Sprint to find and display your PUK code.
  • Other Providers. Most other cell phone service providers can give you the PUK code either over the phone or at a local store. Call your provider to find out what options they offer for PUK codes.

Entering PUK Code

Once you have obtained the PUK code you must follow the specific directions for entering it on your device so that your device’s SIM card is unblocked. You can enter it using one of the following methods:

  • Tap the “Phone” app on your phone to open the dialer and then tap 05[PUK][New PIN]# to unblock. The PUK in this case is your PUK code from your provider and the New PIN is your new PIN number that you choose to use. This is the method you will usually use on Motorola Android devices.
  • Tap the “Phone” app and type in your PUK using the dialer when prompted. This is the method you will use on most other devices.