How to Hack Your Magellan Maestro GPS

By Alizarin Black

Hacking your Magellan Maestro GPS allows you to add applications onto the device similar to a PDA, or personal digital assistant. The Magellan Maestro is a Global Positioning System; however, it runs on an operating system (OS) that has the ability to run multiple software programs. By using your computer, a file manager and your Magellan Maestro's USB cable, you can hack your Magellan Maestro in just a few steps to modify the GPS device.

Step 1

Connect your Magellan Maestro GPS to your computer using its USB cable. Navigate to "Computer" and double-click on the Magellan Maestro. Change the name of "Navigator.exe." For example, "MyNavigator1.exe" would be an appropriate name for the file.

Step 2

Download and install Windows CE File Manager in "Resources." Copy each file with "FM_" and copy the "FileManCE.exe" file to your Magellan Maestro "App" folder.

Step 3

Change the name of the "FileManCE.exe" file and rename it "Navigator.exe." Disconnect your Magellan Maestro and then restart the GPS device. Ensure that your GPS device is working properly. If your GPS device does not start, use a paper clip or a pin to reset the Magellan GPS.

Step 4

Navigate to the "Hdd/App" directory on your Magellan Maestro and then double-click the original "Navigator.exe," the file you renamed earlier to ensure that the software is working properly.

Step 5

Connect your Magellan Maestro to your computer via USB if you want to add software to the device. If you want to add larger files on the device, use a MicroSD card.