How to Hack a Magellan 1470 GPS

by Dan Harkins

Magellan's RoadMate 1470 dash-mounted GPS navigation device is thin at 0.7-inch wide with a sizable 4.7-inch touch-screen display for easily viewable direction planning. Hacking, or unlocking features, on the device was difficult to perform until the summer of 2010, when the company released a new software upgrade for the 1470. Now, just download a desktop program called Content Manager and the upgraded software to unleash all your new maps and points of interest.


Turn on your Magellan RoadMate 1470 and your Web-ready computer, then connect the two with your USB cable.


Navigate to the first link in the References section for Content Manager. Click on "Download" and choose "Save File." Place the file on your desktop.


Double-click on the icon after it's downloaded, then "Run." Follow the on-screen prompts to fully install the Content Manager. This facilitates the software upgrade and informs you of any future upgrades.


Navigate to the link in the Resources section link and click "Download" for your software upgrade. Choose to "Save File" and place it in a convenient location.


Double-click on the upgrade icon after it has fully downloaded, then "Run." Follow the prompts to install the upgrade on your device.

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