How to Hack Into an iPod With the Lock Feature

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An iPod usually comes with a lock feature that many people don't realize exists until they discover that it's somehow become locked. This usually happens when you set the device up on one computer and then need to transfer your information to a new computer. In this situation, you'll need to hack into the iPod using the lock feature.

Plug your USB cord into the outlet on the bottom of your iPod and plug the other end into your computer. Your computer should immediately detect the new hardware and let you connect to iTunes, but you may need to open it manually.

Look in the right hand corner of your iTunes program and click on the "Options" button. Pick the "Enable USB disk" button from the list of options.

Push "Start Menu" and go to the My Computer option, which will allow you to choose the iPod from the features listed. This opens the iPod features in a new window.

Choose the "Tools and Folders" button by double-clicking on it to see more options. Look for the View button and then push the "Show Hidden Files and Folders" option.

Look through the folders and files on your iPod for the "Device" file and select that one. The Device folder contains a file called "_locked," which is what you need to change.

Right-click on the file and select "Rename File." Rename the file as "_unlocked" and your iPod will instantly unlock and work again.


  • check Sometimes the iPod will immediately unlock once you turn on your computer and the other steps won't be necessary.

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