How to Get GPS Navigation on My Smartphone

by Lanae Carr

You can use your smartphone to get GPS navigation complete with satellite tracking to help you on important trips. Mobile GPS is offered by a variety of vendors giving you the option to choose the service with amenities that best suit you. In order to take advantage of GPS services on your smartphone, you must have a data plan with your service provider. Advanced GPS programs are available for a fee, but many free applications also exist.

Browse the main menu on your smartphone for the icon labeled "Applications." Click this icon.

Type "GPS" into the search bar. A list of GPS applications will appear. Some may require a subscription to the service in addition to a fee to download. However, you can also find a "Maps" application that offers directions as a feature rather than the main function of the program. These applications are typically free and allow you to identify your position on the map using satellite technology.

Click "Download" then "OK" when prompted. Once the application download is complete, the GPS program will be added to the desktop of your smart phone. Set up your GPS by entering your current location and a list of favorites under the "Settings" menu of your new application.


  • close Your mobile GPS will not work outside your service provider's coverage area. Scroll through your directions in advance of your trip to avoid getting lost.

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