What Is a Gprs on a Mobile Phone?

by Jon Gjerde

GPRS mobile Internet networks are often referred to as 2.5G technologies because they use technology that was developed between the second and third generations of mobile Internet data networks.


GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Service, and is a mobile technology used to send and receive data on cell phones


There are two main types of GPRS technologies: Standard GPRS and EGPRS, or EDGE, which is typically two to three times faster.


You can expect to have download speeds of up to 80 kilobits per second on standard GPRS networks depending on signal strength and whether you are using voice services.


GPRS technology allows users to send multimedia messages or instant messages, or use applications that require Internet data and allow for a constant Internet connection.


GPRS and EDGE networks are still widely used but are becoming less popular as considerably faster 3G technologies are being developed and implemented.


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