How to Get into a Google Zeitgeist Conference

By Susan S. Davis

Google Zeitgeist is the annual conference that the major search engine and technology firm hosts for its customers and advertisers. Think of it as the Academy Awards of technology, global education and growth. Topics can range from ways in which global technology can be used, to how social media can enhance education and economies worldwide. To get into a Google Zeitgeist conference one must receive an invitation and be considered a mover and shaker within the world of technology, be a successful young innovator or have demonstrated a passionate capacity and interest in changing the world for the better.

Step 1

Study the rules and regulations of Google's "Young Minds" competition, which is open to those aged 18 through 24, from countries including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. Create and upload a one-minute video that demonstrates how you are making "a positive impact on the world."

Step 2

Enter and win a Google contest. Every year Google sponsors contests, some of which are built around special events. Some of the more popular Google contests include Doodle4Google, Google Model Your Town Competition, Google Code Jam, Online Marketing Challenge, Android Developer Challenge, Google Map Maker Competition, Project10tothe100 and the Google Lunar X Prize. Winners of Google contests may be considered for attendance at its Zeitgeist conference. For example, Google Science Fair grand winner Shree Bose was invited to attend the Google Zeitgeist conference in 2011.

Step 3

Volunteer to work in your local community to better it. For example, a past winner of the Community Volunteer Champions award in the UK entered the Young Minds contest based on his work as a volunteer, and won a spot at the conference. Make your volunteering efforts the centerpiece of your Young Minds application. For example, make a video showcasing your volunteering efforts.

Step 4

Develop some press credentials and apply to cover the Google Zeitgeist Conference. Cover local events, particularly ones that are community-oriented and philanthropic in nature. Develop an online and print presence with published news stories about events. Interview influential people who attend technology events. Publish as much information as you can relating to local and national technology, community and philanthropic events. Use your published material to apply to be a member of the press at Google Zeitgeist.