Good Things to Write in a Bio on Facebook

By Anne Cagle

Facebook biographies can help you find interesting online friends.
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Facebook is a social media site where you can meet people who have common interests in music, careers, crafts, sports or movies. Your Facebook "About Me" section tells people why they should include you as a friend. Your friends ideally have similar interests to your own, so write your biography for potential friends who can see if you share common interests.


Write about the work that you do in your biography. For example, you can state, "I am a freelance writer and editor who has written articles for style magazines and edited books for children" if you want to interest people in the publishing industry. This highlights your career interests to those who are in similar professions and attracts Facebook friends who have common work and life experiences.


Facebook is not all about career interests. Writing in your biography about your hobbies such as reading or creating crafts is a good way to meet new friends with similar hobbies. This is also true for sport fans who want to meet others interested in baseball, soccer or specific teams. Gardening and cooking are other popular topics on Facebook that are useful to include in your biography if they are part of your lifestyle.


Pets bring together friends on Facebook. Adding mention of a pet, whether you have a fuzzy kitten or a shimmering goldfish, to a Facebook biography is a conversation starter that you can add to your bio to gain the attention of potential friends.