How to Get a Good Mobile Number

By Nicholas Smith

Request a custom phone number from your mobile provider.
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When you buy a new mobile phone, you are automatically assigned a phone number based on network availability. However, you have the option of obtaining a custom phone number. For example, you may wish to have a phone number in a rare area code for mobile phones, such as the "212" area code. Or, you may wish to have a phone number that corresponds to a specific word, or a number that is easy to remember. Regardless, you can get a "good" mobile number through your cellphone provider.

Think of a specific phone number that you want. You are more likely to get your desired number if you want a specific area code. However, you can also obtain a fully custom, 10-digit number, if it's available from your mobile provider.

Purchase a SIM card with your desired area code, such as 212, on an auction site such as eBay. Before making a purchase, read all of the details for each listing. For example, find out if you have to bid on the number, or if you can buy it without having to bid. Also, find out whether the current phone number associated with the SIM card is already active, or if it must be activated in a certain period of time. This is an easy way to get a cellphone number in an area code of your choice.

Visit a mobile provider's retail location to request a customized phone number or to activate the SIM card for a number you purchased online. Although you can request new numbers online, you need an agent to activate a custom number. If you request a custom phone number, be prepared to give the customer service agent several options, as your first preference may not be available. If you previously purchased a SIM card with a custom number, be prepared to give the customer service agent the number and the name of the provider with which the card is currently registered. The customer service agent will "port" the number to their network and give you a new SIM card.

Install the new SIM card into your phone by removing the battery cover and battery. Slide the SIM card into the slot provided. Replace the battery and turn on the device.