How to Get Good Internet Speed

by Lita McLeary

Whether you are using a wired or wireless Internet connection, speed always matters. A slow Internet connection can be frustrating and can hinder you from completing tasks in a timely manner. Fortunately, there are several ways to get faster Internet speed. You can apply them to your own and eventually maximize the speed that you get from your Internet connection.


Make sure that all network wires and cables are properly plugged into their respective ports. Turn off the modem and wait at least 30 seconds before powering it back on. Rebooting the modem often solves any slowdown on the speed of your Internet connection.


Download one at a time. Several downloads in progress dramatically decreases your Internet speed. Whenever possible, close windows that are not in use.


Update your Web browser. If updates for your browser becomes available, download them immediately. This will improve the performance of your browser and thus help increase the speed of your Internet connection.


Clean up your computer system. Do a disk cleanup and defragment your computer. To run "Disk Cleanup," click "Start," "All Programs," and then select "System Tools." Select "Disk Cleanup" and choose the drive you want to clean up. To defragment, select "Disk Defragmenter" from the "System Tools" option. Select the drive you need to defrag, and then click on "Defragment."


Keep your antivirus software updated. Viruses can duplicate themselves a hundred times or more, slowing your computer and eventually affecting the speed of your Internet connection. Avoid visiting unsecured websites to prevent the computer from picking up harmful viruses, and don't open attachments from senders you don't know.


If you are using a wireless connection, do not move too far from the wireless router. Also, make sure that the router is not located under a table, inside a cabinet or near anything that will block it from emitting a stronger signal. To maximize the speed from a wireless Internet connection, password protect your connection and do not share it with anyone so that only you can access the wireless Internet.


Call your Internet service provider if you are experiencing frequent slowdowns. The tech support staff should be able to advise you on ways to improve your Internet connection.

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