How to Go About Retrieving Text Messages From the Phone Company

By Michael Jones

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Retrieving text messages from your cell phone can be done in a few ways. If you have a subscriber identity module (SIM) card reader, you can plug your SIM card into it and retrieve all your deleted text messages. Depending on your service provider, you can simply get your text messages from your phone company. Some service providers will list your text messages just as they list your incoming and outgoing calls. However, most phone companies won't give you easy access to your text messages.

Step 1

Go to your service provider's website and open the customer service page.

Step 2

Write an email to your customer service representative about why you want to retrieve your text messages. The reason isn't as important as you being able to prove that you're the owner of your phone. Try to tell them the last phone calls you made and received, the last text messages you sent and received, your phone number, the model of your phone and the serial number on your SIM card. This information will prove your identity. You should also have a legitimate reason for requesting your text messages. Make sure you state in the email how far back you would like the company to retrieve your messages.

Step 3

Send the email to your service provider and wait for the response. Don't expect to get a response immediately. You will likely get an automated response immediately, followed by a customer service representative's reply. Once your email is processed, you will be sent an email with your text messages.