How to Get Gmail to Remember Your Login Name

By Jay Leon

Avoid the hassle of re-entering the same login names and passwords. Save your information.
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If you frequently use Gmail in the same computer, you can set up the Web browser to remember your email login name and password. This saves you the trouble of entering the same user details every time you log in to Google. Once you save your login info, the browser will anticipate your full username every time you type it in the Gmail sign-in page, and fill in the correct password as well.

Firefox 6

Step 1

Point the Web browser to the Gmail homepage.

Step 2

Type your Gmail login name and password. Click "Sign in."

Step 3

Click "Remember Password' when the dialog box "Remember password for [your email address here] on" appears in the upper left of the page.

Internet Explorer 9

Step 1

Click "Tools" on the menu and then click "Internet Options." Click the "Content" tab. Click the "Settings" button in the AutoComplete area.

Step 2

Check "User names and passwords on forms." Check the box for "Ask me before saving passwords."

Step 3

Click "OK" and click "OK" again to return to the main browser window.

Step 4

Enter the Gmail address in the Internet Explorer location bar. Press "Enter."

Step 5

Type your Gmail login name and password. When a dialog box appears asking, "Do you want Internet Explorer to remember the password for" click "Yes."