How to Give Someone a Link to Your Facebook Profile

By Ryan Menezes

Custom links help you direct people to your Facebook Page.
i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Your Facebook profile, like any Web page, has its own address, but the default URL doesn't help you promote your Page. Facebook initially picks an unwieldy numerical URL for you when you joined the site. This address is hard to remember and is totally unconnected with your name. If you want to give someone a link to your profile, your should edit your profile so that its link uses a custom username. An intuitive URL will also help other people more easily find your profile using search engines.

Step 1

Open Facebook's custom username page in your browser (link in Resources).

Step 2

Click "More" to display additional suggestions for your username and a text field for choosing your own.

Step 3

Type your username into the "Enter Desired Username" field. For example, if you want your profile to use the link "," type "jane.smith" into the box.

Step 4

Click "Check Availability" to see if anyone currently uses the name. If someone does, choose another. If not, click "Confirm" to set your username.

Step 5

Open your profile page. Click your profile's new address in the address bar, and email it to a friend to share your profile.