How to Find a Girlfriend's Email Addresses

By Jessica Leigh


It is easier than ever to keep track of and reconnect with old friends with today's modern technology. One popular way to keep in touch with friends is through email. Here are some helpful tips for finding a girlfriend's email address.

Step 1

Search on popular networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook, or ClassMates. Many people use technology to make friends and reconnect with friends that they lost touch of so there is a good possibility that your girlfriend is on one of them. If you aren't able to find her on the first site you check, don't be discouraged, there are many social networking sites out that she could be on.

Step 2

Look her up in an online directory such as White Pages. With email being a popular form of communication, many people's email addresses can be found listed in online directories, some of which may be accessed for free. There are many online directories in addition to White Pages, choose one or several that you like best for your search.

Step 3

Subscribe to a paid people finder service. There are many search engines out there that will find a person for you and give you a detailed list of their information, including email addresses, for a small fee. Enter your girlfriend's information into one of these sites and if any results show up, you will be asked whether you would like to purchase access to only her information, or a year's subscription. A good people search to try when looking for email addresses is Email Finder.