How to Get Yahoo Free Dial Up Internet Service

By Jennifer Eblin

Dial-up internet services uses your home phone line to get you connected to the internet. There are a number of providers that offer dial- up service including Yahoo, which recently partnered with AT&T or SBC as it’s still known in some areas. They offer a free trial program for those who want to see how the system works before they commit to buying it. If you want to get free Yahoo dial-up internet service, just visit the homepage of the company.

Visit the AT&T Yahoo website. You may not know it, but the two companies merged to create one program so you have both well known names in one service. The website gives you a little more information on the services they provide and the prices after the free trial expires.

Register on this website or you can call the phone number listed and register for service. Make a note on your registration that you’re interested in the trial offer or tell the representative that you want to try the service before you make a commitment.

Check your mail for the installation CD and information packet to arrive. Depending on your location it can take anywhere from one week to several weeks for the packet to arrive. In many cases you’ll get your information in less than a week.

Insert your installation CD into your computer and follow the prompts when given. This installs all the free programs you get onto your computer such as email, instant messaging and web browsers. You can also deny certain programs from installing as you go along.

Continue following the prompts until the program is installed on your computer. When your install the AT&T/Yahoo program you’ll get free dial-up internet for 30 to 60 days depending on the service you signed up for.