How to Get a Video Desktop Background

by Contributor

The kitten dangling from a wire is cute as your desktop photo, but it's getting old. What you need is a video background. It'll keep you entertained and impress your friends and coworkers. Getting one isn't as hard as you would think. You'll see in just a few easy steps.

Download a media playing program that allows you to play videos in your desktop background. For both PC and Mac users, you can download a DivX player; just make sure you are downloading the right one. The options to download for Mac or PC are clearly marked.

Decide which video to use. You can download a video online or use your own. Because the video will be playing at close to the entire size of your screen, you should choose a high-resolution video. If you do not, the video will appear grainy and blurry.

Convert the video files into DivX files if you have chosen to use DivX. Along with the media player, the DivX website also offers a media converter. DivX itself is a type of file, like mp3 or avi, only it's much more compressed and will take up less space. The DivX player will only play DivX files and possibly some QuickTime files.

Open the media file in your DivX player. Your video should begin playing. If it does, pause it for a moment. It will be easier to finish the process if the video is not distracting you.

Open the "Playback" menu on your DivX player and select "Desktop." This will play your video full-screen on the desktop. You can go about doing other things if you like or just enjoy your video. An advantage to using DivX is that you can easily and quickly pause and mute your video by left-clicking on the DivX icon.

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