How to Get Stock Quotes in Excel

By Contributor

Updated July 21, 2017

Most people use Microsoft Excel for calculation and data storage. There are other functions in Excel that are very useful but not well known. One such function is the ability to import detailed stock quotes directly into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Open Microsoft Excel. First, select "Start" from the main operating system menu. Next, choose "Programs." Then, click on "Microsoft Office" in the programs menu. Finally, select "Microsoft Excel" from the Microsoft Office menu.

Click on the "Data" menu from the Microsoft Excel main menu screen. Then, choose "Get External Data" from the data menu. A dialog box will appear with a list of established data sources. Finally, choose the data source labeled "Investor Stock Quotes."

Select the cell in the spreadsheet for the stock quote information input or choose the "Create New Worksheet" option to place the stock quote in a new worksheet. After selecting either option, select "OK" from the dialog box.

Type the stock ticker symbol into the next Microsoft Excel dialog box. If the user wants to update the stock quote in the future, choose "Use this value/reference for future refreshes." Also check the second check box if you would like the information to refresh on its own.

Save the Microsoft Excel file for future use. Select "Save" from the main file menu, name the file and choose the appropriate place on the computer hard drive to save it.