How to Get a SIRIUS Radio

by Contributor

SIRIUS Radio is a leading satellite radio service offering over 120 channels including music, sports, entertainment and news. All music channels are commercial-free.

Choose a SIRIUS radio receiver that suits your needs. Want to play it in the car? At home? Or while traveling? Take your pick of equipment from a SIRIUS retailer or shop at their online store (see Resources below). You can choose from a wide range of models, including the accessories. Expect good deals on their equipment. If you plan to buy from a retailer, you can locate a SIRIUS retailer closest to your residence. This list of retailers is provided on the SIRIUS website (see Resources below).

Choose one of the many plan subscription options available: monthly plan, annual plan (usually with promotions), a lifetime subscription (paying only once), or an Internet radio subscription. SIRIUS business subscription allows you to benefit from low monthly charges, freedom from contracts and royalties, easy installation and channel blocking facility. SIRIUS Traffic plan keeps you updated on important traffic information like traffic blockades, accidents and closings. SIRIUS Marine Weather plan enables you to receive weather forecasts and radar images.

Install the radio. You can either do a self installation or get professional help. Professional installation is recommended. Some plans may offer free installation.

Activate your SIRIUS radio service. You can do it online (see the install + activate link on SIRIUS' website) or by calling Customer Care at 1-888-539-SIRIUS (7474). For activation, you will need the ID/ESN number given on your receiver, your credit card and you'll need to tune to channel 184.


  • check If you want to get SIRIUS for your new car, consider a SIRIUS pre-installed car.
  • check Opting for a long-term plan over a short-term plan can be economical.