How to Get Pictures Off a Digital Camera

by Contributor

After you have purchased a new digital camera and taken some pictures, at some point you'll want to download those pictures to your computer. Once they are on your computer you can get a look at them full size, print them or order prints online. Almost all digital cameras sold today come with software which will help you download and organize your pictures.

Connect your digital camera to your computer with the USB cable. Plug one end of the cable into any USB port on your computer and the other end into your camera. Turn the camera on.

Put the CD-ROM which came with your digital camera into the computer. The software installation will probably start automatically, but if it does not, go to "My Computer" and double-click on the CD-ROM icon. Ensure your camera is still on, because the software might need to detect it in order to install the proper drivers.

Install the software by following the directions on screen. Usually, you should only have to click the next button a few times and accept the terms of agreement in order to achieve the basic installation.

Open the camera software from the "Start" menu. If your camera is still on and connected, the software will usually find your camera and display the pictures. If it does not, look on the menus for a command to preview the pictures.

Download the pictures to your computer. When the pictures are displayed, you'll have the option to download all of the pictures or choose only certain ones to download.

Explore the software a bit. After you have downloaded some pictures look at the other features the software has to offer such as organization and basic picture editing. The software may also allow you to delete the pictures off of your digital camera.