How to Get Payments on PayPal

by Contributor

PayPal is this generation's answer to fast money transfers. It's much like a modern day Internet Western Union. You can send a friend or family member cash to help them get through a rough time, order products or donate money with just a few short and easy clicks of a mouse. It's just as easy to get payments on PayPal. Just point and click.

Get a PayPal account

Sign up for a PayPal account by going to and clicking the "Sign Up Now" link toward the middle of the page.

Select your country, language and appropriate account type: personal or business.

Fill in your personal information starting with your name, address and phone number. Follow the rest of the on screen instructions to complete your registration.

Link your PayPal account to a bank account. Confirm your email address to start to be able to receive payments on PayPal. You will also need to confirm your bank account by waiting for PayPal to send two small payments to your account. Your verification is necessary for those amounts. You can also choose the automatic verification option.

Get payments through PayPal

Request money from a person for a good or service. Do this by clicking the "Request Money" link at the top and following the directions.

Wait for the recipient to receive the email requesting the payments. Wait patiently for your debtor to submit his or her payments to you.

Check your email to see if you received the money transferred to your PayPal account.

Click the "Withdraw" link at the top of the PayPal webpage to move money from your PayPal account to an account capable of withdraw, like your checking account. You can also apply for a PayPal debit card for easier spending. You can apply for the PayPal debit card for your payments on the PayPal homepage.