How to Get Metallic Ink for an Inkjet Printer

by Robin Neorr

Sometimes black ink just will not cut it for a special project you are working on. If you want your wedding announcement in silver, but don't think they make silver or metallic inkjet cartridges, think again. Several different companies make metallic inkjet cartridges that insert right into the standard black ink slot on your printer.

Get Metallic Ink for an Inkjet Printer

Step 1

Narrow down what metallic color you are looking for. Do you want silver ink, gold, or a different metallic?

Step 2

Go to your favorite search engine and enter in the following phrase "inkjet cartridge" and follow it by the metallic color of your choice. Further narrow your search by entering in the brand of printer that you have.

Step 3

Your results should show a metallic inkjet refill that you can purchase that will take the place of your black cartridge in your printer. Purchase this cartridge.

Once the cartridge arrives, remove the black cartridge and replace it with your new metallic cartridge. Start printing.


  • Make sure you are buying the correct inkjet cartridge for the printer that you own.


  • Narrow your search engine request and you will have better results.

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