How to Get on the Internet for Free

by Contributor

Several free dial-up Internet access companies are available online. However, some of them limit you in how many hours per month you can use their service and you will have to suffer all kinds of advertisements from companies who pay for your free Internet access.

Do a search online for "free Internet access" or you could go to some well known free Internet sites such as NetZero or Juno.

Choose a free Internet service that you are willing to try from among those you find online. You can even find sites that list several free Internet services that you can pick from.

Go to the free Internet site and check the access numbers listed there to make sure there is a local dial-up number that you can use. If not, you may want to try a different Internet service because long-distance access numbers will cost you money for as long as you are connected.

Download the site's software from the site and install it on your computer.

Register with the service to use their free Internet access.


  • check A free Internet service is good to have, even if used just as a backup. You can also have the free Internet service available for when you travel.


  • close In order to have free Internet access, you have to look at a lot of advertisements in the form of banners and pop-ups.

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