How to Get Free Satellite TV on a PC

by Ris Lexington

Whether you're stuck in a dorm without satellite TV or you've grown tired of paying that hefty monthly bill, you'll be happy to know that you can get free satellite TV on your PC! You may have to get up to change the channel, but you'll never see those monthly bills again!

Watch Free Satellite TV on a PC

Step 1

Search for legal alternatives to cable and watch free satellite TV on your PC. There are many internet websites that offer free satellite television channels, shows and movies. One popular example is "TVU Networks."

Step 2

Watch streaming movies that are shown on satellite television right from your home PC. Instead of spending countless hours searching for a reputable website that shows satellite movies, visit a website like "Watch Movies" for the latest film releases.

Step 3

Select from 300 TV channels on "Steamrick." Many of these channels are the popular news channels, sports channels, and music and entertainment channels offered by most satellite TV providers. It's completely free to watch from your PC!

Choose and watch the satellite television channels you wish to watch for free at "Choose and Watch." Catch up on international news, watch films, cartoons and all of your favorite sports channels for free.


  • Always use caution when downloading software to your PC. There are many websites, such as those listed throughout the steps above, that do not require you to download any software to watch TV online.
  • Avoid illegal websites. The suggested websites claim that they are distributing television online through legal methods.

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