How to Get a Free Internet Connection

by Contributor

Free Internet Service Providers (ISP) are harder to find than they used to be. The best way to get free Internet service is to visit your local library. Libraries in both rural and urban communities have high-speed Internet connections. Even with most of them having time limits, those limits add up to more online time than with most free Internet Service Providers.

Trial Internet Memberships

Select a CD from a company that offers a free service trial. If the trial period is 30 days, circle the 28th day on a calendar. It is best to cancel an ISP service before the last day.

Install ISP software. During the trial period, find a free trial CD from another company. Contact and cancel the current service.

Repeat process with new ISP. Find a listing of all free, trial and pay ISPs in your area at the All Free ISP website. (See link in Resources.)

Limited Time Free ISP

Review list of ISPs from the Internet4free website. (See link in Resources.) The National ISPs only provide 10 hours of Internet per month.

Download and install ISP software. Some ISP services will mail a CD out, as well.

Conserve your free service. Use Library and other city resources for most Internet needs. Their Internet services are either high speed or Wi-Fi connections.


  • close Do not create more than one limited time account. Some ISPs can detect this.