How to Get Discounts on Satellite TV

by Contributor

Just because you pay for TV does not mean it has to be expensive. There are creative and clever ways to cut the high cost of having Satellite TV and get one time and even monthly discounts. Satellite TV can be within your reach when you use these steps to get discounts.

Step 1

Decide which of the Satellite providers you would like and inquire if they give any kind of new customer discount or discounts for changing from cable to Satellite TV.

Step 2

Compare Satellite TV packages to see what you will get for your money and how much you can afford. Do not forget to add on features like movie channels,

Step 3

Click on the links found within this article to get started on finding discounts. Keep in mind installation is usually free or low-cost, but that amount is taxable.There may also be a charge for connecting extra receivers as well as non-standard receivers such as HD or DVR receivers. Be sure to inquire about this when you call or visit their web page.

Step 4

Clip coupons that are mailed to your home or business. Or, use the discount coupons found in the newspaper. Take note of expiration dates, terms and conditions.

Step 5

Search online to get the best deals from the two major US Satellite providers. Take into account all the equipment you will need such as DVRs, receivers, packages, HD, channels, guides and any other equipment you can think of.

Step 6

Open a credit card account with the satellite provider you choose. You can often save a percentage or a specific dollar amount for the first year and even a small amount after that.

Step 7

Sign up for paperless billing. You will get an ebill in your email each month. You can view and pay your Satellite bill online. Also, you will get a certain dollar amount off of your bill for doing so in most cases.

Sign up for automatic billing to your credit card or bank account. You will receive money off of a bill or a certain percentage discount for choosing this billing method. You can always cancel automatic billing later.


  • Make sure you are not in a contract with any other Satellite Provider before signing up with a new one.

Items you will need

  • Satellite Subscription
  • Coupon codes
  • Internet
  • Computer
  • Phone line
  • Credit Card

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