How to Generate PDF Files Using Oracle PL/SQL

By Jim Campbell

Generate PDF files in Oracle.
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The Oracle PL/SQL language provides you with the programming tools to query and retrieve data. You can also use the Oracle language to generate PDF reports. The Oracle Application Express utility allows you to log in and generate reports based off of the selected data on your Oracle database server. PDF files are read-only documents, so the users who receive these documents are unable to edit and change the data.

Step 1

Click the Windows "Start" button and select "All Programs." Click "Oracle" in the program groups and select "Application Express." In the opening window, click the report you want to export as a PDF.

Step 2

Click the "Report" link in the main window. In the opening properties window, click the "Report Attributes" tab. Select each table column you want to export to the PDF file. After you select all the table columns, click the "Print Attributes" tab.

Step 3

Select "Inline" in the drop-down box labeled "View File As." In the "Output Format" drop-down, select "PDF." Remove the checkmark from "Export for the PHOTO." Click "Recalculate" to estimate the report layout.

Step 4

Click "Run" to export the data to a PDF. Click "Print" to save the file to your hard drive. A preview displays so you can see a list of your Oracle data.