GE Guide Plus Gemstar Instructions

by Alexander Poirier

The Guide Plus electronic program guide provides users with an interactive program listing for the programs in their area. The service, formerly owned by Gemstar-TV Guide International, is now owned by the Rovi Corporation and is built into a number of different TV models from several television manufacturers. If you want to set up the service on your Guide Plus-enabled GE television, you can do so just as you would on any other Guide Plus enabled television.

Step 1

Press the "Menu" button on the television's remote to access the television's main menu.

Step 2

Use the remote's arrow keys to highlight the "Guide Plus+" option. Press the remote's Select button to open the Guide Plus+ menu.

Enter your zip code in the space provided and press the remote's Select button to save the changes. The Guide Plus+ guide will now show the relevant info for your region.

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