GE Digital Messaging System Instructions

By William Pullman

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GE digital messaging systems, better known as answering machines, records messages from callers when you are not at home or when you do not want to answer the phone. In order for the GE messaging system to properly work with your land line phone, you need to follow the proper setup and operating instructions.


The GE digital answering machine only works when it is properly connected to your phone line and phone. Prior to connecting the machine, insert a 9 volt battery to save your settings in the case of a power outage. To insert the battery, remove the battery cover from the bottom of the machine with a Phillips screwdriver and install the battery. Replace the cover and tighten the screw.

Plug the small end of the supplied AC adapter into the "Power" jack on the machine and connect the opposite end to an electrical outlet. Connect the telephone wire on the answering machine into the telephone wall jack. Hook a telephone up to the answering machine by plugging a telephone wire into the "Phone" jack on the machine and connecting the opposite end to the phone. The answering machine is now ready for use.


Messages recorded on your GE digital answering machine are given a day and time stamp to let you know when you receive a call. The day and time stamp is only accurate if you set the current day and time in the machine. To set the day and time, hold the "Stop/Set" button on the machine until you hear a message. Press the "Next" or "Previous" buttons until the machine recites the current day.

Next, press the "Stop/Set" button to hear the current hour setting. Use the "Next" or "Previous" buttons until the machine recites the current hour and press the "Stop/Set" button. The machine will announce the current minutes, which you can change with the "Next" or "Previous" buttons. Save the setting by pressing the "Stop/Set" button.

When you save the day and time settings, the machine enters the "Rings to Answer" mode. This setting determines how many times the phone rings before the answering machine answers. Change the amount of rings by pressing the "Next" or "Previous" buttons. Press the "Stop/Set" button twice to exit the settings function of the machine.

Record Greeting and Listening to Messages

Once the machine is set up you can record your greeting. Press and hold the "Greeting" button until you hear a tone. When the tone ends, record your answering machine greeting. Let go of the "Greeting" button when you are finished.

If the indicator light on your GE digital answering machine is blinking, you have a recorded message. Press the "Play/Memo" button to start playback of messages. While listening to messages, press the "Stop/Set" button to stop the message, "Previous" to restart the message, "Next" to advance to the next message and "Erase" to delete the message.