Gateway W350A Laptop Specs

By Sebastian Malysa

The Gateway W350A laptop combines affordability with functionality.
i laptop image by Manika from

The Gateway W350A laptop was created in 2009 as an affordable computer that was made well but lacked some of the hardware that many users expected on mid-range laptops sold at the time. Compromise for the sake of affordability is not necessarily a bad thing though, and Gateway designed the W350A primarily for users that don't require an extremely powerful computer. The Gateway W350A has a sleek, attractive design and can accomplish most tasks that laptop users might want to do.


The Gateway W350A laptop has two color schemes to choose from: a red casing with a black keyboard or a black casing with a silver keyboard. The casing has a shiny polished finish that catches the eye and looks elegant. The laptop has a small footprint with only a 14-inch monitor and it weighs just nine pounds, making it lightweight and ideal for portability.


The W350A laptop is equipped with an AMD Turion 64 processor that runs at 2 Ghz and 2 GB of memory. This combination of processor and memory makes the laptop capable of fast Internet speeds and multitasking. The internal hard drive provides 240 GB of storage, which is adequate for a decent collection of programs, documents and multimedia files.

Media Capabilities

The W350A laptop is equipped with two USB ports allowing the connection of a mouse as well as a webcam or an external hard drive. The audio system is embedded, making it easy to plug in a set of external speakers or a microphone for online chat. The image display is crystal clear for enjoyable movie viewing. The internal modem makes connecting to the Internet easy with wireless technology.