My Gateway Desktop Won't Boot

By Arnold Fischer

You turn on your Gateway computer and it wont boot. There are various troubleshooting techniques you can try. Make sure the computer has been shut down and the power cord removed for ten minutes. This can eliminate an electrical surge stored up in the motherboard. The issue can be hardware or software. Hardware may require a component replaced, but a software issue can be a much more immediate fix, since it may just require a simple operating system repair.

Check the power supply for any indications that it is not working. Go behind the computer and look near the power supply when the power is turned on: check to see if the fan inside is spinning.

Check all cables inside the case for any loose wires. Unplug the hard drive cable and plug it back in.

Look for any warnings on the monitor when your computer starts. This will usually give some indication as to what is wrong.

Reinstall Windows if the previous steps didn't resolve the issue. Be mindful this will delete all of your data but you might not have any option left at this point.