Garmin Setup Instructions

by Mike Johnson

Garmin primarily sells GPS devices to consumers. The devices are portable and can be mounted inside a vehicle and used to help a driver navigate to a destination nearby or across the country. If you have purchased a Garmin GPS, you will need to know how to install and set up the device. You can then use the Garmin GPS for road trips or to locate a new store or restaurant in your town.


Wipe off the inside of your windshield with a lint-free cloth and rubbing alcohol. Buff it dry.


Place the suction cup of the mount that came with your Garmin GPS on the windshield. Flip the bottom lever toward the windshield to secure it.


Connect the included cable to the back of the screen portion of your Garmin device. Plug the other end of the cable into a power supply in your vehicle.


Affix the GPS unit to the mount that you just attached to the windshield.


Push the power button on the top of the Garmin GPS. Press the "Map" option on the screen.


Wait for the GPS device to acquire a satellite signal. Once the signal is acquired, your device is set up and ready to help you navigate.

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