My Garmin Will Not Connect to My Mac

by Greyson Ferguson
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Garmin is a GPS hardware provider, with products ranging from wrist watch displays to car mounted directions. Whatever the device is you have, it is possible to update the maps and service information stored on the Garmin GPS via connection with a Mac or PC computer. If you are using a Mac computer and the Garmin is not being detected, there are a few troubleshooting steps you must perform to correct the issue.

Step 1

Look over the user manual of the Garmin GPS product you have. Make sure it states the hardware is Mac supported. If it isn't, there isn't any way to connect the Garmin with the computer.

Step 2

Check the USB data cable connection running from the Garmin GPS to the Mac computer. If the cable is not completely inserted into both ports the hardware is not going to sync with the Mac.

Step 3

Power on the Garmin GPS. If the GPS is not on the Mac, it is unable to connect with the unit.

Insert the drivers form the provider installation CD. Without the supported drivers installed onto the Mac, the computer is unable to detect and connect to the GPS unit.


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