Garmin GPS Password Reset Instructions

By David McGuffin

Garmin global position satellite (GPS) systems enable you to find your way to a location easily and quickly by providing directions and visualizations of where you are geographically. Knowing how to use your GPS unit effectively, allows you to spend more time doing what is important and less time on the unnecessary details.

Clearing User Data

Step 1

Turn on your GPS unit.

Step 2

Hold your finger on the lower-right corner of the screen as the GPS powers up. Keep your fingers there until a message box appears.

Touch "Yes" when the message box asks if you want to clear all user data. As a result, all original settings will be restored and any saved items will be immediately erased. You can now reset your password, since that part of your user data will be erased, too.

Hidden Reset

Step 1

Turn off the Garmin GPS unit. This is another hidden reset feature that you can use for most GPS units made by Garmin.

Step 2

Press and hold down the upper to left corner of the GPS unit's screen and turn the Garmin GPS unit on.

Scroll through your options when the message box appears. Choose "Yes" when you are prompted to clear all user data if you want to start over fresh with a reset device. You can also choose to startup in maintenance mode, from which you can reset your password without clearing all of the other information that you have saved on the Garmin GPS unit.