Garmin 255W Hidden Features

By Travis Meyer

Downloaded Garmin maps before going on a remote expedition.
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Featuring a four-inch touch-screen LCD display, a microSD card slot and the ability to save up to a thousand waypoints, the Garmin nüvi 255W attaches to your car's dashboard to provide you with voice-prompt navigational instructions while driving. Aside from the basic functions of the nüvi 255W, the device supports a few hidden features which might enhance your use of the unit.

Avoid Traffic Delays

If you live in an area with serious traffic congestion, you may want to purchase the optional "FM Traffic Receiver" accessory from the Garmin store (see Resource List). Using the FM Traffic receiver, you can route radio-received traffic data into your nüvi 255W and display the information on your maps. Additionally, the Garmin nüvi 255W features a function allowing you to avoid traffic delays. On the map page, simply press the "Traffic On Route" icon and tap "Avoid" to reroute yourself around traffic.

Change the Vehicle Icon

The default setting on your Garmin nüvi 255W displays your present location on the map with a small, blue arrow icon. If you are the type of person who wants more customization out of your electronic devices, look into the possibility of changing this image icon. By accessing the "Tools" menu, opening "Settings" and choosing "Map," you can change the icon that represents your car by selecting "Vehicle" and tapping "Change." Additional vehicle icons can be downloaded from the Garmin website (see Resource List).

Make Hands-Free Calls

The Garmin nüvi 255W includes Bluetooth support pre-installed on the device that allows you to do a number of things, including pairing the nüvi to your cell phone to make hands-free calls while you are driving. To activate this function, simply turn on the Bluetooth on your phone, access the "Tools" menu on your nüvi, select "Settings," open "Bluetooth" and select "Enabled." The nüvi will automatically search for and pair with your phone and ask for you to submit the nüvi Bluetooth PIN on your phone, which is "1234."