Free Games for Tablets

by Adele Eliot

Tablets are touch-screen devices that have a similar functionality to smartphones but are larger and better suited for tasks such as word processing. Like smartphones, you can get free games on your tablet device. Whether you are an Apple or an Android user, you can choose from a variety of free games for your tablet.


Thousands of games are available for Apple and Android tablets. The games come in the form of apps, and you can find sports games, arcade games, card games, traditional board games, logic games and fantasy games for each platform. Although some games are free outright, other games offer a "lite" version, providing a set number of free levels, after which you must pay for the full version of the app to access any further challenges.


Free games for Android tablets are available through the Android Market. You can access this from your tablet, provided you have a wireless connection. To find free games, select "Games" from the Apps drop-down menu on the toolbar. Click on the "Top Free" tab to view the free games that are currently most popular and then click on "See more" to view others. Games from the Android Market can also be played on other Android devices, such as smartphones.


Apple iPad games are available from the Apple App Store, which comes preinstalled on the iPad. To download games, you need to be connected to the App Store via a wireless or cellular connection. You can find free games in the App Store by accessing the store, selecting "Categories" from the bottom of the screen and tapping on "Games." To find free games, you can either browse for games with "Free" next to them or tap "Top Charts" at the bottom of the screen and select games from the Top Free iPad Apps chart. When iPad games have a plus symbol next to them, you can also play them on an iPod Touch or iPhone.

Multiplayer Games

Although we might use tablet games to unwind after a busy day at work or kill time during a commute, they can also be a fun, social activity. Multiplayer games on tablets come in different formats. You can play a two-player game, with one person using one end of the tablet and the other using the opposite end. Alternatively, you can also play multiplayer games using a wireless connection, with each player using his own device to participate.

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