How to Get Games on the Pandigital Novel Ereader

by Dan Howard

The Pandigital Novel eReader's default factory settings prohibit the installation of third-party applications, such as games, that haven't been released through the Android market. Before you download and install a game app to your Novel eReader you must edit the device's application settings. Once you change the settings, you can download and install game apps using the built-in Web browser.

Step 1

Turn on your Pandigital Novel and press the "Menu" button. The Novel's settings menu will appear.

Step 2

Tap "Applications" in the menu.

Step 3

Tap "Unknown Sources" in the subsequent menu.

Step 4

Tap "Yes" to allow installation of apps acquired outside of the Android market.

Step 5

Press the "Home" button.

Step 6

Tap the "Web" icon. Doing so starts the Internet browser.

Step 7

Navigate to the URL that contains the game that you want to download. Download the game to your Novel.

Step 8

Touch and hold the downloaded file in the downloads window.

Step 9

Tap "Open" in the menu.

Tap "Install" to install the game to your Novel eReader.

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Brought to you by Techwalla

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