How to Replace Sony LCD Projection TV Thermal Fuses

by Lisa Wampler

If you Sony LCD projection TV overheats, the thermal fuse could short circuit the power going to the transformer. This mean, your television will not power on. Often, once the television cools down, the TV will power back on. However, in extreme cases where the television overheats, the fuse will permanently blow. This means you must service the television and replace the thermal fuse. Fortunately, the fuse is mounted in an easy to reach place.


Remove the LCD projection TV from the wall mount and disconnect the cable and accessory connections. This will differ depending on the type of wall mount you own and the accessories you have plugged into the television.


Place a blanket onto a table and then place the TV face down on the blanket. The blanket will protect the screen from damage.


Remove the 12 Phillip's screws that hold the back of the television onto the television housing with a Phillip's screwdriver. The screws recess into holes in the back of the cover so inspect each recessed hole for a screw until you locate all 12 screws. Place the rear cover off to the side.


Locate the fan housing in the center, bottom on the back of the TV and then locate the thermal fuse housing next to the fan. Pull the cover off the thermal fuse housing.


Pull the old fuse out with your fingers and then press the new fuse into the housing. Place the cover back onto the housing.


Place the cover onto the back of the television and secure it with all 12 screws.

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