What Are the Functions of Microsoft OneNote?

By Jennifer Leighton

Microsoft OneNote allows users to organize notes and media in digital lists.
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The Microsoft OneNote 2010 allows you to "Keep tabs on your life." The OneNote 2010 program allows users to eliminate paper notebooks and to-do lists in favor of the OneNote "digital notebooks." OneNote organizes notes, photographs, videos and Internet links into lists, which can be easily grouped according to user preferences.

Take Notes

Microsoft OneNote 2010 allows users to store notes in digital page form. Click "New Page" in the Microsoft OneNote2010 main menu, then begin typing. While Microsoft OneNote 2010 updates automatically, manual saving is also possible via the right-click menu. The right-click menu also allows file copying, renaming, deletion or merging into another page.

Audio Recording

Microsoft OneNote 2010 allows for audio recording. Begin a new page, then access the "Record" option at the top of the new page. Recording continues until "Stop" is clicked. Microsoft OneNote saves automatically, or save manually using the right-click menu. Other right-click menu options for recorded pages include file copying, renaming, deletion or merging into another page.

Video and Photo Storage

Microsoft OneNote 2010 users upload videos and photos from the Web or from their computers using the "New Page" option followed by the "Upload" option. Downloading photos or videos from the Internet requires an Internet connection, while downloading photos or videos from a personal computer does not.

OneNote Compatibility

Microsoft OneNote 2010 is compatible with Windows Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word 2010 and Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. Place OneNote 2010 to the side of the computer screen while you work in these other programs, then click on it for quick note-taking or recording.

Notebook Navigation

Microsoft OneNote 2010 features notebook-style navigation. The tabs at the top of the OneNote 2010 screen function as folder subdividers, which can be color-coded if desired. Click on a folder or sub-folder to access that area instantly.

Accessing Information

Access Microsoft OneNote 2010 in any location with Internet access or a Windows 7-enabled mobile phone device. The Microsoft OneNote Web App, a free downloadable app from Microsoft (see "Resources") allows users to store notes on the Internet and view and edit notes in any location with Internet access. Microsoft also offers a OneNote Mobile download, which allows any user with a mobile device using Windows 7 (other versions of Windows are not supported for OneNote Mobile) to work on OneNote from any location with Web access.