FUNAI SV2000 DVD Recorder Instructions

By William Pullman

The Funai SV2000 is a home DVD recorder and player. With the SV2000 you can watch DVDs as with a normal player, plus you can record programs from your television onto blank DVD discs. The SV2000 is easy to connect and use. Within minutes you can watch or record DVDs.


Prior to using the SV2000, set the configuration menus that appear when you first run the machine. To configure the recorder, press the "Standby-On" button and change the television to the correct input channel. On many televisions, this is channel "Video 1" or "Video 2." The "Initial Setup" screen will appear on the television.

Using the up and down arrows on the remote control, highlight your language and press "OK." The next menu will have "Channel Preset" highlighted. Press "OK" to have the SV2000 store all of the available channels, which may take a few minutes.

Once the channels are set, you will be prompted to set the clock. The SV2000 can automatically set the clock by using a signal sent by the Public Broadcasting Station (PBS) in your area. To set the clock, press "OK" when "Clock Setting" is highlighted. Use the down arrow to highlight "Auto" and press "OK." The SV2000 will locate your PBS station and set the clock automatically. After the clock is set you are ready to use your recorder.


When you want to record using the SV2000, turn on the machine and open the disc tray with the "Open/Close" button. Insert a blank DVD and press the "Open/Close" button again. The recorder will check for information burned on the disc and, for some discs, format the disc for recording.

Press the "REC MODE" button on the remote control to set the recording mode. There are 6 recording mode options on the SV2000, all of which offer a different recording time. Each recording mode will display on the screen when you press the "REC MODE" button, as well as the total recording time for that mode. Note that the longer the recording time, the lower the quality of the recording.

Once the recording mode is set, change the DVD player to the channel you want to record by entering the number on the remote control. Press the "REC" button when ready to record. When finished, press the "Stop" button on the remote control. You will see "Writing to Disc" on the screen and a status bar. Do not turn off the SV2000 until all of the recording is written to the disc.

There are several additional recording methods available on the SV2000, all of which are explained in the instruction manual. To use all of the features of the recorder, review the manual. A link to a PDF version of the manual is located in the Resources section.


To playback a recorded disc, place the disc in the tray as described above. A menu with all of the titles recorded on the disc will appear after the disc loads. Navigate through the list using the arrow buttons on the remote control and press the "Play" button to begin playback. To fast forward or rewind the video during playback, press the "FWD" or "REV" buttons. If the recorded disc has chapters, press the "NEXT" or "PREV" buttons to skip through chapters during playback. Press the "Stop" button at any time to end playback.