How to Get Full-Size Photos on a Craigslist Listing

by Quinn Marshall
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Craigslist, a free classifieds website, allows you to post pictures within your classified ad, but it limits the number of pictures to four and automatically scales the images to a small size to save bandwidth. However, you can add full-size, higher-quality images to your Craigslist ad using a third-party image-hosting website. Larger images allow potential customers to adequately see your merchandise and evaluate its quality before contacting you with questions -- and it allows you to upload more than four images.

Step 1

Locate a free image-hosting website (see Resources). Image-hosting websites allow you to upload images and share them with others via a direct link or embedding code, which is used to embed the images on a website or within a forum.

Step 2

Upload your image by click "Browse" or "Upload," depending on the image-hosting site you use. Navigate to the image you want to upload and then press "Enter" on your keyboard. Review the details and then click "Upload."

Step 3

Copy the code in the "Embed" field on the image-hosting website after the image has uploaded. Some image hosts have a single embed code, while others offer a few different options, such as "Embed in Forum" and "HTML." Choose the "HTML" option, if possible.

Step 4

Set up your Craigslist ad or click the "Edit Post" link in the email Craigslist sent you if you've already posted an ad. Paste the image host's embed code into the "Post Description" field on Craigslist. Repeat until you've added all the pictures necessary. Save the edited post.

Navigate to Craigslist and locate your ad in the section where it is posted; you should see a yellow "pic" listing next to your ad's title. Click your ad to make sure the pictures uploaded correctly.


  • Uploading an image that's too large may make it difficult for the viewer to see what you're selling or advertising.


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