Fujitsu Lifebook Display Problems

By WilliamHanz

Fujitsu is among the most popular Japanese brand names when it comes to laptop computers, providing a line of quality laptops at relatively low prices. Among its most popular variety of laptops is the Lifebook. While they have good functionality at budget-friendly prices, the Fujitsu Lifebook laptop is not immune to problems, which may include problems with the display.


Fujitsu Lifebook laptops, like any other type of laptop, are susceptible to display issues. It is not unheard of that such display issues will occur even in brand new units. These issues typically include an intermittent black screen display while booting, as well as noticeable blue pixels found across the screen. When such issues occur, it is not uncommon that the screen will leave trails or shadows while the cursor is being moved. Other display problems with the Fujitsu Lifebook include the appearance of vertical lines and disappearing corners of the screen, thus reducing the monitor's overall display.

Hardware Problems

Display problems are typically caused by hardware defects. Black screen displays and rectangular pixels found in the laptop's monitor can be attributed to a defective ATI chip. If you open the laptop monitor, it's possible that you will find its processor to be burnt or damaged. Burns inside the laptop are usually due to overheating, particularly when the laptop is used in, or running at, extreme temperatures.

Software Problems

If your Lifebook has a display issue which causes there to be a black border around your LCD screen's display, this is easily fixed with a change of settings. This problem occurs due to the use of an incorrect screen resolution or an incorrect video driver. First, make sure that you have the most up to date video card drivers available for your unit. If you do, or if upgrading the video card drivers did not resolve the issue, you simply need to change the resolution settings. This can be done by accessing your display settings in Windows, and changing the resolution to the correct setting. Lifebook laptops are typically designed for 800x600 or 1024x768 resolutions.


Fujitsu Lifebook display problems can be repaired by means of replacing the laptop's video processor. A qualified repair technician is required to do the job, as replacing the chip on your own may cause the whole laptop to be static, especially when you are not knowledgeable with the unit's circuit requirements. The laptop's video card can also be damaged at this point, thus it would have to be replaced as well. Meanwhile, due to overheating the laptop's circuit board typically has to be re-soldered in the process, as it too can be at risk of greater damage when such problems occur.


Fujitsu Lifebook laptops are vulnerable to overheating, and because of this various display problems can occur as a result of the various heat-related damages. To care for your Fujitsu laptop and keep its display working properly, be sure to avoid using the unit under high temperature environments. Using a cooling pad will help in this regard, providing the Lifebook with enough ventilation not only for the monitor, but also for the rest of the laptop unit to function properly as well.